Unicorn Group

Unicorn Industries Ltd.

Established over four decades ago, Unicorn Industries specializes in food process engineering. This company has served as a principal engineering contractor to an impressive clientele – Nestle India, Coca Cola, Pepsi Co, ParleAgro, etc.

Website: www.unicornindustries.in

Unicorn Pickles Ltd.

Unicorn Pickles is engaged in the growing and processing of Gherkins (pickled cucumber). Extensive areas near Bangalore are used for cultivation and the produce is processed at a modern state of the art facility, for export to European countries and the USA.

Website: www.unipick.in

Unicorn Natural Products (P) Ltd.

Unicorn Natural Products enjoys very high reputation inits phyto-products business. The product range includes raw herbal botanicals, herbal and botanical extracts, natural essential oils and Indian spices. Exports are to major cosmetic, pharma and food companies all over the world.

Website: www.unicornnature.com